Saturday, February 9, 2013

[SWN] Wanderers in Darkness - Monsters and Sundry

In Wanderers in Darkness the PCs on Abihijit which is a predominately jungle world that was/is being mined for the rare minerals that its highly reactive and electrically charged atmosphere seems to make it rich in. One of the catches to this plan is the local fauna, large lizard analogues. I say analogues as they arent quite Terran lizards but visually close enough that humans being humans they are called lizards, or dinosaurs. And if not-dinos weren't bad enough, with the "special" batches Grewill Stersell has created it will make things just that much worse for the PCs.

The bonesnapper is the miners name for a small but vicious lizard with large membranous frills around its neck. This is more of a nuisance than a true threat. Lacking eyes bonesnappers use echolocation to identify prey, using the frill as a receiver.
HD     AC    AB    Dam    Move   Morale
1/2       7       +1    1d4       20'         8

The Shadowed Death
The shadowed death is a vicious beast that can easily tackle many of the vehicles the miners use to travel as it is far smarter than just a plain creature. Its 3 pairs of eyes seem to gleam with malice when it attacks. The manner that they blink pairs out of sync with each other is considered very disturbing.
HD     AC    AB         Dam       Mv     Morale
3          6    +3/+3    1d6/1d6    30'     9

Warped Death
Not a true name so much as a description of what has been done to various Shadowed Death by Stersell using the "leftover" components from the males he has modified. The torso grafted onto its chest allows it to operate human equipment it can reach and the malice of the unaltered base creature is blended with the pained insanity of the human tortured beyond mental endurance.
HD     AC    AB         Dam       Mv     Morale   + Human weapons
4          4    +4/+4    1d8/1d8    30'    11             +2 AB    2d4 damage energy

Bloaters are an odd creation of Stersell, human bodies modified with strange subcutaneous oxygen buildups that create the weird bloated look. Always male, due to Stersells tastes, they attack like regular humans except when attacked with energy weapons. When struck with energy weapons the oxygen flares up in an impressive burn (1d6 damage to all within 10 feet)
HD     AC    AB    Dam   Mv     Morale
1          7    +1       1d6     30'       12

HP    AC    AB    Weapon/ Armor                        Saves
5        4      +3      Combat Rifle(1d12)/Woven   PE 12/ME 15/Ev 14/Tech 16/Luck 13

Grewill Stersell
Evil, moral-less medical monster (lvl4 expert) inspired by Dr. H. H. Holmes
HP    AC    AB    Weapon/ Armor                        Saves
 16     5       +1      Laser Pistol (1d6)/Woven       PE 16/ME 15/Ev 12/Tech 11/Luck 14
Science-2. Tech/Medical-1, Persuade-1, Tech/Maltech-0, Perception-0, Combat/Projectile-0, Combat/Energy-0

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