Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Status of Bryn Mawr and sundries

     Ive done the bulk of my posts on the blog about the world containing the land of Bryn Mawr. However having finally gotten to run Lamentations of the Flame Princess I've discovered the system I want to use for my world, as it definitely lets me play up story elements that tie into the Great Cataclysm. So until James Raggi gets the non limited edition of LoFP out, or I just create a pdf so the Players Guide, Referee's Guide, and Magic book are all ready to print out and hopefully have bound, Bryn Mawr is on hold.

     Which leaves me at a quandary of what do I run at GASP? Top options are

1) Call of Cthulu - I have several time periods I can run, and I got the rule book at the prize table at the con.
2) Savage Worlds - still need to re read the damage section, but the rules are cheap and flexible and Ive got a batch of campaign ideas
3) Gamma Worlds 2e - I have it, I love it, why not run it?
4) Dark Heresy - people enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, though this time people are making thier own characters
5) Alternity - good skills game but it might have limited appeal.

Before I go and toss the list on the GASP forums I have to see about how much space we will have for rpgs next year - I may end up finishing my Ambush Alley minis and run some 15mm counter insurgency play

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

not quite dead yet

Well with GASPcon behind me and one class finished I'm hoping I'll finally have more time to post on here, though given my poor time management skills I'm trying to not get my hopes up.

The convention has come and gone and I actually managed to play in a game I didn't schedule, though sadly it was Star Wars Saga edition with the worst parts of 4e D&D grafted on, in my opinion.
I plan to post about each of the games I ran, what worked and some notes about what didnt