Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hobby stuff (and distractions)

Its been a bit since I posted last, what with the convention and holiday and all.

New (to me) RPGs Ive managed to snag
- Esoterrorists - the original Gumshoe system game. Interesting but I picked it up primarily to scavenge good ideas out of it. Ideally Id love to run a fantasy game with Gumshoe elements along the lines of the Nightwatch stories of Terry Pratchett and the Garrett stories of Glen Cook.
- Deadlands Reloaded - Ive been asked to run a short story arc in Savages Worlds flagship setting of Deadlands for a group from the gaming club. Interesting setting and Im working on binding up the pdf I printed out.
- Traveller - this one is a hard back that I think is original edition rules. Very interesting as an example of science fiction games, but I havent had a chance to dig through it.
- Bloodbowl 3e and 2002 annual - all I need is dice and dimensions on the board and I can look into creating myself some ultraviolent football.
- Big Eyes, Small Mouth - I actually ended up with a 1st edition copy, but regardless I may have to sketch out some ideas for some anime campaigns, maybe Appleseed or something fantasy esque.

Current RPG projects
- Most are shelved still from prep for the con, though my first attempt at binding a book (digest sized Stars Without Numbers) is slowly proceeding.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Next campaign to run...

So GASPCon has come and gone, games were run and played but its time to move forward.

Here are the important points
1. It will be run at GASP Gamesdays
2. It will be some form of Fantasy (depending on how liberal you are with the Genre)

So heres my short list of concepts
A) The party collaborates to create the world before we create characters. Everything from available races to the technology level of the era played in to what god(s) exist is completely on the table. I take the world created and spin out adventures.
B) Running TSRs big Night Below campaign box using simpler rules - like Rules Cyclopedia or Spellcraft and Swordplay.
C)Campaign level game - ala Birthright or Council of Wyrms. Create a nation and a character, and run both.
D) Something Weird - ala running a mesoamerican or arabian nights game, something different.

Anything sounding good?