Thursday, January 3, 2013

[SWN] Custom starting packages

One of the fascinating aspects of SWN is the blend of Traveller-esque skills with d20-esque simple combat system. To fit the fact I'm not running the default setting I'm going to craft some custom background packages and skill packages.

Expert training package
"Problem Solver"
Problem solvers as they're known are agents-at-large for the sector government and serve as the earliest intervention in planetary issues. Their first choice is to maintain the peace, though they are not incompetent in a fight, usually when guns come out their mission has failed and all thats left is cleaning up the mess.
Bureacracy, Combat (projectile or primitive), Leadership, Perception, Persuade, Sercurity, Stealth, Vehicle (grav)

Warriors training package
"Galactic Rangers"
The Galactic Rangers are the wandering lawmen of the Galactic Systems. Focusing on conflict resolution by any means necessary,  Rangers can be shining knights or grim arbitrators of justice. One of their signature items is the Peacemaker Energy pistol, a biometrically synced short ranged pistol (I'm imagining Deckard's monster pistol from Bladerunner but energy)
Bureaucracy, Combat/Energy, Culture/Traveller, Leadership, Persuasion,  Tactics

More as i think of them, or people come up with ideas