Saturday, February 9, 2013

[SWN] Wanderers in Darkness - the Journal of Julianne Moore

Excerpts from the Journal of Julianne Moore (dates from PCs landing on Abihijit)

- 100 days before landing
Damn they decided to transfer out the one intelligent cute guy on this damned rock. The doctor is being replaced by some guy named Grewill Stersell and I cant find anything out about him, and thats just odd, not even where he got his degree.

-90 days before landing
Grewill Stersell is here and damn theres something just creepy about him. Hes got a plastic smile and I dont like the way he looks at the other girls let alone how my skin crawls when he looks at me. Its like hes measuring me up for something, not even undressing me. Odd.

-85 days before landing
Wow, a whole transport of 23 miners disappeared. When I went to complain the boss of security I found at that he was on it. Something happened to that hard ass, former marine? Thats just scary. Something is wrong with this.

-80 days before landing
Our transmitter is acting up. All communications with the outposts are on the fritz. I thought the last upgrade was supposed to fix that. And that creep Stersell has been haunting the supply building. And come to think of it I havent seen the supply guy at all for the last couple days.

-75 days before landing
Oh shit! The complete communications system has died. We cant raise anyone or any of the satellites. Whats going on?

-65 days before landing
Oh god, I dont know what happened but people are missing. Even the intercom isnt working. Dony, in IT is trying to build a separate transmitter, at least we can try and get a signal to orbit.

-63 days before landing
Help!! He's coming for us. I hope anyone who finds this will search but we are so far out from the shipping lines. Oh please, if you find this please look for us! Please.

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