Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[Swn] Oman


 Oman is the somewhat dystopian world that the overall arc of the Wanderers in Darkness campaign. With an oppressive police force willing to open fire on citizens at the least provocation, Oman is a bad place to be on the wrong side of people in power.

Star Data
TypeM4 V Red Dwarf
Radius2.92 x 105 km   (0.42 x sol)
Mass6.90 x 1029 kg   (0.35 x sol)
Temperature2800 K
Luminosity1.47 x 1025 W   (0.04 x sol)

TypeTerrestrial World
Orbital Radius2.59 x 107 km   (0.17 AU)
Period1.07 x 103 hours   (0.12 earth years)
PhysicsLarge iron/silicate
Gravity11.44 m/s2   (1.17 x earth)
Hydrosphere29 % water, 10 % ice
AtmosphereDense breathable
BiosphereProkaryotic microbes
SpecialHeavily developed city hives

TypeRock Planet
Orbital Radius5.62 x 107 km   (0.38 AU)
Period3.41 x 103 hours   (0.39 earth years)
Gravity2.43 m/s2   (0.25 x earth)   

TypeRock Planet
Orbital Radius7.88 x 107 km   (0.53 AU)
Period5.67 x 103 hours   (0.65 earth years)
Gravity5.22 m/s2   (0.53 x earth)

TypeAsteroid Belt
Orbital Radius1.37 x 108 km   (0.92 AU)
Period1.31 x 104 hours   (1.49 earth years)

TypeIce Planet
Orbital Radius2.42 x 108 km   (1.62 AU)
Period3.05 x 104 hours   (3.49 earth years)
Gravity4.73 m/s2   (0.48 x earth)
SpecialPlanetary rings

TypeIce Planet
Orbital Radius4.58 x 108 km   (3.06 AU)
Period7.95 x 104 hours   (9.09 earth years)
Gravity9.42 m/s2   (0.96 x earth)          

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