Monday, August 6, 2012

Tower of the Lifeshaper - intro

An interesting location I've been creating through a role playing story with a friend, the Tower is the abode of a mercenary wizard of immense but specialized power and no scruples beyond honoring a deal.

On the outside the tower is unremarkable except for the age of the stonework. On the inside it is part Dr. Moreau's Island, part transgenetic zoo, and part a place where anything can be bought for the right price. A powerful dweomer hides the identity of those who come and go, valuable as the mage caters to the powerful and rich, supplying there urges from the fantastical to the depraved.

The power the image has harnessed, to the exclusion of any other magic is life shaping, manipulating the very form of a living creature. Rather than outright change a creature to another, this is more remaking it into something new or adding to it, for instance adding wings.

Rather than generic monsters, encounters in the tower consist of powerful individuals, modified servants, and the strange creations of the wizard.