Thursday, March 31, 2011

[SFD] Some players have all the luck

Quick post - but its amazing what you find when you actually zoom in enough in google maps to actually see business names pop up. The campaign may shift radically if the players arent brain dead.... What are the odds?

Because Im insane like that

Hmmm - this could be a way to force myself to post more about Bridgeport or Bryn Mawr and nail down some tropes and ideas that I want to come through no matter what.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another quick ponderings post

Interesting read over at Playing DnD with Porn Stars (NSFW in general) about setting books and how little most people read them, which I totally agree with with the exception of Battletech in my case. So Im figuring that each player probably has one setting they will read any and all setting books for, while the rest just get skimmed at best. So if I want to craft my Ideas for Bridgeport (using LoFP) or Bryn Mawr (generic OSR) I need to balance my urge for detail with enough interesting material, predominately gaming material and brief vignettes, to get people to want the material I produce.

So by this logic I need to write down what is almost my GM prep style, minimal info and some game stats - just enough to get the GMs imagination going in new directions.

I think I can do that.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

[SFD] Recap of 3/12

As we joined our "heroes" again for the first full session they were bedded down in old ruins, the remains of a pre-war tavern. During the downtime David Davidson, the Vault security guard sent out by Sal began to convulse and even the medical ministrations of Josef and his Vault training could not save him from the ravages of radiation, succumbing to it puzzlingly fast. After finding a picture that made them realize that copper was used in major amounts in the brewery industry before the Fall.

A major commotion in the streets brought everyone to look as an elderly figure ran down the streets, followed by a horde of degenerate humans, chasing after him with various blades and clubs. The young scruffy girl climbed up ontop of Fluffy for protection, just in time for Fluffy to charge into the fray, presumably to "play". The battle was extremely lopsided as the players had ranged weapons and the cannibals only had a leader with a sawed off single barrel shotgun. Jeeves entered a bizarre and vengeful state, while Fluffy playfully crushed all who came into reach, as the cannibals frantically flailed at him with no success. No one knew what exactly to do when the newcomer pulled out a strange firearm and blasted at the cannibals with searing light. The cannibals broke and ran after the dirty young girl vaulted off Fluffy to land behind the cannibal leader and neutered him with her straight razor (greatly assisted by a massive critical hit from Jane Doe's hunting rifle).

After the battle, and a bloody Jeeves returned from chasing cannibals, introductions were made, energy weapons were drooled over and plans were made. Newcomer Jeremiah led the party to a weird walled off street, inhabited by a community of black ghouls who apparently had worked at the nearby Glow before the fall. Trading on the canned goods found in ruins in the February session, the party was able to gain the recipe of pickles, food and some ammo along with some additional information for the surrounding area. After much debate it was decided to clear out the nest of cannibals at their source, as no one would complain about taking valuables from dead cannibals, and hopefully some work later on. The plan to destroy the cannibals revolved around using the dirty girl as bait and lead the degenerates into the blast radius of a bomb cobbled from car power-plants. A believable plan, good dice rolls and an obsession with using rat bodies as some sort of distraction for the cannibals managed to lead to a massive, earth shaking explosion only a few blocks from the nest of cannibals, a pre-Fall bus depot.

Who will notice the explosion? What will be found in the depot? Can the players survive their plans?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good weather and a finished project

Not a long post due to being busy on some other projects.

The weather finally has warmed up enough to allow for priming and sealing, so the last of my matte sealer went to coating my 15mm Spetsnatz.

Up on the build table I finally have the last bits to finish building of the Halo Flood inspired corrupted powered suit, converting/sculpting an alternative female FCC Boomer for my Mercs force, rebuilding the upper arms of my Domanei Seraph for a more realistic shape, 15mm hunter/bounty killers and working on terrain for 15mm modern and 28mm near future.

Now for my Guinness for St. Patrick's Day