Sunday, March 16, 2014

Combat in WFRP

To quote Wikipedia
"Combat in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay descends from the system used for large-scale miniature combat, making it substantially more deadly than the combat featured in many other systems. Most human-level creatures and characters can absorb only one or two hits without receiving a serious injury, a "Critical Hit" that may instantly kill, cripple, or permanently maim a character. There are no regeneration or resurrection powers in WFRP and limited healing options. "Fate Points", which represent a character's fate or destiny, provide a limited number of opportunities to avoid crippling or killing results."

"It's like Terry Pratchett writing the 30 Years War, only darker.
Hmm. It's the game where you start out thinking you're playing D&D, only to discover you are in fact playing Call of Cthulhu." - Professor Phobos

Looking over the Core Rules this will be a very interesting (in the Chinese sense) game to run. Its going to be like Call of Cthulhu in some senses and unforgiving to those who mistake it for D&D. My initial idea of running a campaign about the invasion of Lustria may have to wait, as I have not been able to find enough material to create profiles for Lizardmen, as I just dont know the system that well to make this amount of material up.

This leads me back to an old world located game. This may actually make it easier on me as I have quite a bit of material to draw on so stats are not an issue. Rooting out horrors and dangers in the creaking hulk of the empire, fun times.

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